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Animal Full Life Rescue (AFLR) was established in January, 1994. In the years preceding its inception, Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh's East End had undergone many community changes. As a result, many animals were abandoned and left to roam and breed freely. AFLR's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place those we can in homes. Those which cannot be placed will stay with us and live a full happy safe life free from dangers of living on the street.​

Adoptable cats

We desperately need loving homes for our adoptable pets. I know that if you could open your home to one you would receive love back unconditionally. They have so much love to give in return for a safe and happy place to live. Please call if you think you might be able to adopt or know someone who may be able to. We do require several references and also ask that if the pet does not work out for any reason that he or she be returned to us. Also, a visit in four to six weeks must be agreed to - just a short visit with you and your new pet. After our adoption questionnaire has been completed, returned and approved, visits are by appointment only. We will do our best to match you with a dog or cat that is compatible with your family's lifestyle. Our goal is to find the best match for both pet and adoptive family.


Presently we do not have any dogs for adoption, only several cats.

Call us at 412-371-6734

About Us

We are a no-kill, cageless shelter located in 3 former homes in Wilkinsburg, PA.


Many of our animals are unadoptable and will live out their lives with us - similar to an animal rest or retirement home.

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